About Us

SERIOUS TACKLE FOR SERIOUS ANGLERS. That is our motto here at Pacific Coast Bait & Tackle, but it is more than just a catchy phrase. It is a statement of fact. We stock fishing products for people who want to catch big fish, whether they are fishing locally, on long-range boats, or at some distant destination. "Serious" tackle need not be expensive, but it can be. You have to decide what your budget or your whims dictate. We show you the options and let you decide.

We who work here at the store fish a lot, and like all anglers we talk a lot - about fishing. Most bull sessions seem to involve off-shore fishing, either around Southern California or someplace like Mexico or Hawaii. And while we do feature tackle for that kind of fishing, we have something for everyone and are especially mindful of two groups of anglers...

Our store's location, just a quarter-mile from the Pacific Coast, almost demands a saltwater orientation, but we we don't ignore the needs of freshwater anglers. Only a relatively small portion of our tackle inventory is intended for freshwater use, but anglers out to catch bass, trout, panfish and catfish will find everything they need to take those species. Hardcore bass and trout fishermen will probably be disappointed but, hey, we have only so much space.

Due to its prime location, Pacific Coast Bait & Tackle has become the headquarters for anglers in our area intent on taking fish from the shore. Whether they are fishing from one of the many beaches in the area, or at a lagoon, jetty or pier, they have come to rely upon us for the special items they need. These folks are among our most loyal customers and we make every effort to have what they need.